Broncos season opener three weeks away

It might be hard to fathom, but the Broncos season opening against Tennessee is just three weeks from today.

With that in mind’s Nick Kosmider tried to get the best read possible on what Broncos offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, defensive coordinator Ed Donatell and special teams coordinator Tom McMahon had to say when they addressed the media on Sunday.

The biggest takeaway on the offense side of things in my estimation is simply that the offense appears to be limiting the mistakes that have hampered it so much the past few years.

That isn’t to say the Broncos will be putting up 30 points every week, but hopefully something in the mid-20s is much more doable. It is fair to point out though, that we’ve heard pretty much the same thing for the past few years and the results haven’t changed yet.

On the defensive side of things arguably the biggest question is will we see a big jump this year as players become more familiar with head coach Vic Fangio’s system. Based on previous teams Fangio has coached the results are inconclusive.

The reality is Von Miller likely is the key. If he can have a bounce-back season it could be the spark the entire defense is looking for.

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